Pre Engineered Building

565765 We are an eminent organization engaged in providing Pre-engineered Buildings (PEB) services. We are one of the noted manufacturers and suppliers of Quality Pre-engineered Buildings and it's Components. These are metal buildings available in different sizes and shapes, and used in various places like Schools, Residential Houses, Shops and Warehouses. Our range of pre-engineered buildings is appreciated for the features such as flexible design, portable, light weight and corrosion resistant finish.

Cable Bracing

The cable Bracing is a primary member that ensures the stability of the building against forces in the longitudinal direction such as Wind, Cranes, and Earthquakes.

It is made of a cable which is forged into a rod terminal and this arrangement is then fixed on a structure using a hill side washer, nut washer and a nut.

• Higher strength 120 KN ultimate tensile strength
• Better corrosion resistance (Galvanized)
• Easy erection
• Light weight

Open Web Joists

565765These are long span load carrying members suitable for direct support of floors and roof decks in buildings. The open web steel joist is a secondary steel truss member fabricated from crimped angles welded onto top and bottom chords. The elements of the open web joist are made of hot rolled as well as cold formed grade 50 steel. Open Web Steel Joists are used as mezzanine joists, roof purlins, among weight.

• Offers an economical solution for long span carrying heavy load or light load compared to conventional steel structure.
• Allows more clearance to the building by the building minimizing the mezzanine overall depth by designing beam at the short direction and the joists at the long direction without increasing the weight.
• Ducts and mechanical accessories can be installed in between the web openings.

Eave Struts

565765Structural member located along the sidewall at the intersection of the planes of the roof and wall. It is constructed from cold formed 'C' sections and is rolled to suit the roof slope.

Eave struts located at the building eaves corner of roof and wall sheeting along sidewalls also providing bracing for frames and supporting roof and wall panels.

Mezzanines Floor System

565765Standard Mezzanine Floor Systems consist of galvanized profiled steel deck, joists, beams and intermediate support columns. Main beams span in lateral directions and joists in longitudinal directions bolted to the top flange of beams. Installing mezzanines between shelving levels facilitates the optimum use of building height and thereby optimising storage space. We offer 2-, 3-, and 4-tier structures where the modular shelving system provides the supporting structure for the floor.Horizontal and vertical extensions can also be based on existing single-level systems.Our floor design is tailored to suit the individual installation and can be easily assembled on site without the need for welding.The combination of free standing and shelving mezzanines in a total concept creates space, which can guarantee an optimal interaction of goods in and goods out in the storage area.The linking of cranes to storage and/or shelf mezzanines improves the flow goods - customer service based on storage concepts.

Metal Deck Concrete Slab

565765Steel roof deck is designed for pitched, flat, or arched construction on virtually all types of buildings. Roof deck is popular because it is strong, lightweight, economical, and easy to install. Roof deck can be produced with acoustical, cellular, or cellular/acoustical properties if required. Click on the profile or deck name for more information or to request a quote.

Fascias And Canopies

565765We are engaged in designing special sheet metal canopies of varying sizes and colors as per the specifications of our prestigious clients. These sheet metal canopies cover large surface area and are manufactured to sustain harsh weather conditions. Available in terms of company logo, designs and pattern.

Girts And Purlins

565765Purlins and Girts shall be roll formed Z-sections, 120-300 mm deep with 50-100 mm flanges. Each flange shall have a 16 mm stiffening lip formed at 45 degrees to the flange with a thickness of 1.5 to 2.5 mm.

Trusses And Columns

565765The Elements Truss and Customized Columns are s one of company's most popular and highly economical products. It is a rigid structure, ideal for large span roof systems, multiple bay buildings and as mezzanine floor framing. The ELEMENTS Truss and Column System structures are individually designed to meet the specific requirements of each building and are fabricated utilizing high quality efficient fixtures. The system allows easy erection as all connections are field bolted.

Castellated Beams

565765Castellated (or cellular) beams increase the efficiency of a single piece of steel. As seen in the image above, one steel beam is cut into either a toothed or circular pattern lengthwise, separated, offset, and then rejoined into one cohesive piece.

The resulting beam is not only lighter but also 50% stronger than the original beam, maximizing the potential of a single piece of steel. Generally, the weight savings when castellated beams are utilized in a complete structure is 20 – 50%.

Castellated beams have a number of specific possibilities and advantages. They are light and strong. They are cheap. Easy to assemble at the construction site. The openings in the web simplify the work of the installer and the electrician, since taking pipes across beams presents no problems. After all, the web of the beam already has many wide openings by nature. Secondary constructional elements such as ceiling systems, can also be installed easily. And castellated beams are ELEGANT

Fascias And Canopies

565765Elements provide fascias specially designed to your requirements. These can be either vertical,horizontal or with curved sheeting to enhance the architectural look of your building.

wall canopies at eaves, end wall and over doors and windows are also available.